this is Tracy.


she is a senior this year.

loves things to be just a little bit hipster, flared with punk rock, and followed with some sass.


who doesn’t love that?!

she also loves her skateboard and is working on mastering some tricks


her favorite class is something with Math….(ew math.;)) and she wants to be a civil engineer when she gets older.


I had a blast getting to know Tracy. we walked, talked, photo-ed, laughed, and had a lovely afternoon.

these next few photos are my favorites!:)


when Tracy told me she had her prom dress with I knew exactly where I wanted to take photos of her!

the field & light were nearly perfect!



good luck in your final year of high school and with any and everything else you do!




“…be happy with where you are in life and how you operate.
you’re beautiful, successful, and motivated.
it’s amazing to have witnessed it.”

Maggie  July 2014  WEB-6
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-10

a couple weeks ago one of my friends (that I don’t get to see nearly enough) said this to me. or rather, sent it in a text to me, after I had sent a text in a slight bit of a panic. the “slow season” will begin all too soon. slow is certainly not my style. sitting idle or with little to do…kind of freaks me out. like so many other years, the slow season is as much welcomed as feared and, along with the fear of down time the dreaded ‘what if’s?!’ set in.

I know it will be fine. I know I will (and already do…) have plenty of work and other things to keep me busy.
but the thought still lingers. worry & doubts creep their way in.

Maggie  July 2014  WEB-31
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-14
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-17

when those words came across my screen, it was a graceful reminder to enjoy the jam-packed-over-the-brim-full season as well as the slow-down-enjoy-your-morning-coffee season. a time to recharge and explore new things. a time to dream big dreams, play, relax, sip coffee, spend much needed time with friends, and so many more things.

that text also reminded me of all the gorgeous photos that my dear friend Billye of Billye Donya Photography took of me when she was back in Wisconsin (PS – HOW was this 2 months ago already?!). as I stepped in front of the camera I admit I was nervous and not quite sure what to do. it was scary and wonderful. but the best part was I felt beautiful.

Maggie  July 2014  WEB-31
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-40

looking through all of the photos makes me realize how true my friend’s text is.
it’s not often that I look at myself and think beauty, success, and motivation.

seeing beauty is relatively easy. I see it all over the place and in nearly everyone that I see and meet. I truly believe that everyone, in their own way, is beautiful. and the beauty of the Earth and Mother Nature…well…you can’t compete with that.

but feeling beauty, especially in yourself, that is a tough one.
it’s much easier to criticize or offer things “to fix”. or to even wear things that don’t make you feel pretty.

it’s easy to look in the mirror and see the imperfections. it’s harder to look in the mirror and see beauty.
the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. you have to think it and feel it in order to be it.

Maggie  July 2014  WEB-57
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-67

and those words, they made me feel all of those things. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t bring a tear to my eye. who would be that kind to say those things?! who would want to tell me that?! and even more importantly was the fact that they were genuine and straight from the heart. in that moment exactly what I needed to hear.

since then I have been doing my best to remind myself of that everyday. it’s amazing how powerful those few sentences are.

Maggie  July 2014  WEB-125
Maggie  July 2014  WEB-155

my challenge to you is this…take the time to tell someone something like this and then make sure you tell it to yourself:)I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face and make your day a whole lot brighter;)




it’s the time of year when the trees are just beginning to let their gorgeous fall colors poke through, the wind has begun to pick up, and a chill has hit the air.


and all you want to do is snuggle into a sweater with a cup of coffee …ok, at least that is what I want to do!:)


it’s the perfect time of year to capture family memories.


yes, its fall! one of my favorite times of year (despite the cold factor;))

fall is for family photos! its so fantastic to meet with all sorts of families…big, small, short, & tall! each with their own great stories of the summer that has just passed. reminiscent of summers before and the fall season ahead. planning trips to apple orchards or bon fires in their back yards. kids excited about school projects or the fact that trick-or-treating is only about a month away.


no matter what it is, its fantastic to be surrounded by it.

the Roth’s were a previous wedding client of mine! it was great to be able to capture some more memories for them! this time we were able to have a bunch of their fur-babies join us:)


their pups joined us for the first half and then we set out into the horse pasture where we had some pony visitors!

we had a great afternoon reminiscing about their wedding and talking about the upcoming year. time well-spent in the sunshine on a crisp afternoon.





if you would like to book a Photo Session please send me an email (
I would LOVE to hear from you!:)


they met at a restaurant. it was raining. Tim ordered food, and Brittany took his order.
the conversation started to flow and soon enough Tim was coming in on a regular basis to chat with the gorgeous Brittany.


Brittany told me…at first sight Tim was “a high-maintenance customer” at the restaurant but had a great witty personality. and Tim quickly followed with a smile and quirky line about needing to keep the super-attractive waitress with a perfectly magnetic & dynamic personality close to his table.


looking back, both Brittany & Tim agreed that the day they met was the day they knew they were meant to be.:)


their day was perfect (well…minus the whistling wind;)…but that is a minor detail). details, colors, people, everything.
the whole day was spent at the River Club in Mequon…what an amazing venue!

aren’t these some stunning details?!:D


these two are so fantastic. together & apart. both witty, smiling, and so caring for each other and everyone in their lives. they were both just a little nervous to see the other prior to their first look. as Brittany was getting ready she told me all about their speedy & wild ride to their ceremony site on “the Island” aka Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. as she reminisced about the quaint ceremony and their time on the island you could see the magic and love for Tim in her eyes.


and even though they are technically already husband and wife, the first look for them was magical. you could feel the love as Brittany tapped Tim’s shoulder. and when Tim turned around you could see the love in his eyes for his gorgeous bride. and I have to say, they were both looking very stunning on this slightly chilly day.

ps…this is probably my favorite series of photos from their day:)


and this ^^^^ right above…favorite photo:)at least one of my fav’s!

we walked around outside to capture some photos of this beautiful couple before joining the guests inside for dinner, cocktails, dancing, and lots of laughter.


dinner was a fabulously delicious affair. ended with some delectable deserts.

I just love the pops of orange and pink!

and…everyone’s “place card” was a tangerine!:Dhow adorable is that?!


after dinner we were able to sneak out onto the deck to capture some more photos of Brittany & Tim as the sun lazily dropped below the trees.


I just love the look between the two of them in the photo above!:)so much love and emotion


it was soon time to get the dancing portion of the evening underway! its so much fun to have a group who LOVES to dance!


this is also one of my favorite photos ^^ this little girl was adorable waiting for her turn to dance:)


everything was perfect. the light. the dress. the couple. the guests.:)





yesterday was my birthday.

it’s been a big month (& year) so far. and I am so, so, so, so very thankful for everything and everyone that has shared it with me. I couldn’t ask for better family, friends or clients. I am so lucky to have so many amazing people near me and in my life.

last week, I spent the better part in Anaheim, California for a fitness & blogging conference. I had a blast learning more about the fitness industry! but when I came home from California I was exhausted and sort of overwhelmed. we packed so much into just 4 short days, learned so much, and I had (and still have!) so many amazing ideas circling in my mind.

I didn’t exactly know which way to turn when I walked in the door.

I wanted so badly to get to work, put all of my ideas in order, and get lost in a daze of work.

but instead I paused…which, as many of you know…is a very uncommon thing for me to do.

as I was checking the mail I had a plethora of junk mail & bills. but I also had a little green envelope amongst all that chaos.

and that little green envelope caused me to pause. I set everything down to focus on just that envelope. so neatly packaged and carefully written on.

it’s not uncommon for me to get thank you notes in the mail, but this one made me physically stop and read each word written.

as I let the words from that thank you note sink in, I had a wave of emotions wash over me that left me with such a big smile on my face and in my heart.

I am so very lucky to be able to follow my passions. I am also so very lucky to have such great people (family, friends and clients) surrounding me.

so, thank you. truly. I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

here’s to whatever the future holds:)